horse show procedure

With at least one Paso Fino show  in Switzerland per year, owners and riders get the posibility to show there horses and compete against each other.
In the different  classes of the horse shows the riders can prove their ability as much as the talent and versatility of their Paso Finos. All classes can be held as Junior classes with enough registrations.
There are the following class categories:
Gaited classes: With high priority even rhythm of the gait, smoothness and quietness of the croup get assessed. Presence, headset, balance, quickness of footfall, eagerness and symmetrical front and rear action shall be positively considered for the overall evaluation.
Equitation: focuses on style of riding, grace, presentation and unity of horse and rider. The class is to be judge 100% on the rider. The performance of the horse is only considered as it is presented by the rider.
Horsemanship: In this class particularly the horsemanship of the rider is judged. Unity between horse and rider as well as the performance of the horse are high priority in evaluation. After showing their horses together every rider has to perform individual tests. 
Fino Skills: High priority has the proper performance of the figures. Suppleness and responsiveness during the individual tests are extremely important. Transitions shall be harmonious. The rider’s seat and aids shall also be judged.
Trail: Demonstrates the trustful cooperation between horse and rider as well as the horse’s skillfulness and obedience. 
Bellas Formas: Horses get presented on lead line by one or two exhibitors. Conformation and Brio get assessed with high priority. Quality and naturalness of typical gait as well as appearance, grooming and manners add to the evaluation.