The Paso Fino

The Paso Fino reflects his Spanish heritage: An elegant, proud and graceful appearance. Through selective breeding the original beauty, refinement and the well-proportioned conformation of his ancestors were greatly improved. He is delicate, versatile, easy to ride and athletic without being extremely bulky, he gives the impression of vigor and power. His high yet always controllable temperament, his natural four-beat gait and his alert, reacting and wiling nature, his distinct „Brio“ (eager willingness combined with vigorous commitment and expressive presentation, easy to ride) make the Paso Fino horse an outstanding and sought after trail and pleasure horse.

An elegant and well-proportioned horse

The head of the Paso Fino horse is delicate, shapely and refined with a well formed, expressive and intelligent face: large eyes, a flat forehead, small ears, a delicate muzzle with big nostrils and well defined cheeks emphasize the attentive expression of the Paso Fino. The neck is well arched, of moderate length and set high with a well defined throat latch area and long and thick mane and forelock. It slopes down into a slanting shoulder and medium wide chest with a smooth transition into the back. The back is of short or medium length, strong, well muscled and leads to a gently sloping croup with a low set tail. The typical tail carriage of the Paso Fino: He holds the tail downwards or like a flag. The correct, refined extremities are slender, strong with clearly defined bones and tendons, with small, hard and well shaped hooves.