The Gait

The typical gait is natural and congenital. His extremely smooth movements, with clear and distinct four beat rhythm in the Paso gait are vigorous, harmonious and accented. The sequence of steps is the same as in the natural flat walk, that is left rear, left front, right rear, right front. The energy comes from the hindquarter, the movement is absorbed in the hocks and back with almost no croup movement. This makes the Paso Fino horse extremely smooth to ride.

The Paso gait is separated in three different speeds with different levels of collection: Classic Fino, Paso Corto and Paso Largo. The rider can sit extremely comfortable in the saddle in every of the three various speeds.

Classic Fino – As little reach as possible, extremely short and rapid footfall. The Classic Fino is a show gait with a maximum level of collection.

Paso Corto – Moderate speed with good reach but without hurrying. Light to moderate level of collection according to the requirements of the class.

Paso Largo – The fastest of the three tempi. Bigger stride and reach. The fastest speed varies from horse to horse but shall never be the reason to lose rhythm and harmony of natural movements and cadence.

In addition to the typical Paso gait the Paso Fino horse shows all other gaits: walk, trot, trocha and canter.