Besides its traditional area of Colombia and Puerto Rico the USA are the largest breeder of Paso Fino horses. The breed is known there since 1971 and is gaining more popularity every day. The number of Paso Fino horses in Switzerland has been continuously increasing since 1975.

The main characteristics of the Paso Fino horse are his natural lateral four-beat gait, the Paso, his affectionate nature, his willingness to learn and his intelligence. Thanks to these remarkable traits along with his noble appearance the Paso Fino is not only the ideal trail and pleasure horse but also suitable for competitions and shows.

Leisure riding: The extremely smooth lateral four-beat gait and stamina of the Paso Fino horse make him extremely suitable for long trail rides, Cabalgatas and so on. The Paso Fino will give his everything, no matter what you ask of him. With his unique will to please he is the ideal partner for all sorts of fun activities.

Competition: With his remarkable will to learn and eagerness to work the Paso Fino horse is the ideal partner for ambitious riders who like to compete! Besides traditional shows and events he is also suitable for endurance riding due to his stamina, and his focus and trust in his rider predestine him for patrol rides, Gymkhanas and such. And if you like cattle work, you can even use him for this due to his inbred cow sense.

Show: The noble and athletic appearance of the Paso Fino horse combined with the rider in traditional Colombian show clothing will catch everyones attention at a show. The flexibility and frequency in the Paso gait are thrilling for the spectators any time. His eagerness to work, his focus on his rider turn him into a perfect show horse and crowd pleaser.

Breeding: The breeding programs in Switzerland focus on high quality and purebred Paso Fino horses. There are purebred Paso Fino horses born every year, partner for the trail and pleasure rider as well as the competitive rider.