PFHAS Bylaws

In these bylaws individuals are either male or female but are also valid in the not mentioned form.

Section 1 Name
The Paso Fino Horse Association Switzerland PFHAS is a registered association within the meaning of Art. 60 ff. ZGB.

The association is politically and religiously unaffiliated.
The place of business is at the respective residence of the president.

Section 2 Objects and purpose
The Paso Fino Horse Association Switzerland

  • was founded in order to spread the knowledge about the Paso Fino horses in Switzerland
  • preserves the tradition of the Paso Fino horse as it has been developed and cultivated in the countries of origin, Colombia and the USA.
  • commits itself to the pure-breeding of the Paso Fino horse
  • unites the Paso Fino friends on a national Level
  • supports activities regarding the Paso Fino horse
  • maintains relationships with other horse related associations
  • sets the nationally valid rulebook for Paso Finos
  • pursues no commercial goals and is a non-profit organization

Section 3 Funds
In order to the pursuit of the goals and purposes the association legally disposes of the member fees as well as benefits and profits of all kinds.

Section 4 Membership
Every individual and legal person can become a member. Only members with the Swiss citizenship or residence in Switzerland have voting rights in matters concerning the association.

Section 5 Accession, Resignation, Suspension
Accession and resignation are possible at any time. Applications for accession have to be directed to the board which will make the final decision about the accession. The member fee for the full year has to be payed in any case.

Resignation is carried out through a written letter to the president.

Members who counteract the interests and resolutions of the association can be suspended by the board with a written statement. The member concerned can appeal against the decision during the annual general meeting.

Section 6 Organisation
The bodies of the association are:

  • the general assembly
  • the board
  • the auditors

The bodies of the association work in a voluntary capacity and are basically only entitled to compensation for expenses and cash expenditure.

Section 7 General Assembly
The general assembly is the main body of the association.

It will be convened by either the board or by request of a fifth of the members at least 3 weeks prior to the appointed day and with the declaration of the agenda items.

There has to take place at least one annual regular general assembly, namely within 3 months after the end of the business year. Additional general assemblages are convened as necessary.
Notice shall be given in writing three weeks prior to the appointed date of the meeting stating the agenda items.

The general assembly is responsible for the following affairs:

  • approval of the minutes of the previous general assembly
  • election of the president
  • election of the other board members
  • election of the auditor(s)
  • approval of the annual report of the president
  • acceptance of the balance sheet after the report of the auditor(s)
  • acceptance of the budget for the subsequent year
  • information about proposed activities regarding the Paso Fino
  • setting of the membership fees within the regulations mentioned in Sec. 10
  • motions proposed by the board
  • motions proposed by members if they have been submitted in writing to the board at least 14 days before the meeting
  • resulting amendments

Only members with the Swiss citizenship or residence in Switzerland have voting rights in matters concerning the association. Each member may represent one other member by means of a written proxy. Resolutions are passed with reservation of Sect. 13 and 14 with a simple majority of the votes of the attendant members. In the event of a draw the president has the casting vote.

Section 8 Board
The board consists of not less than 3 and not more than 7 members who are elected for a term of office of 2 years. Re-election is possible.

The board of directors is responsible for all affairs of the association and represents the association. The board is entitled to delegate day-to-day business to the president.

The board constitutes itself.

The president together with another board member has power of attorney.

The board shall assemble for meetings at the invitation by the president stating the agenda if necessary for business.

The board sets the rulebook valid in Switzerland.

The Board alone determines the modalities of supporting activities. Written applications shall be submitted to the president with all the necessary documents for the decision.

Resigning board members during the term of office may be replaced by the board. As long as the maximum number of board members set in the statutes is not reached the board may add members by itself. These elections shall be submitted for confirmation at the next general assembly.

Section 9 Auditor
The Statutory Auditors consist of at least one auditor, who is elected for a term of 2 years. Re-election is possible.

She examines the financial statements and performs at least one annual audit. She shall submit a written report to the board prior to the general assembly.

Section 10 Membership Contribution
The amount of the contribution is determined annually by the General Assembly, but it may not exceed CHF 500,-. The surplus contributions represent donations.

Section 11 Liability / Insurance
Only the association’s assets are liable for the obligations of the association. Personal liability of members is excluded.

The personal accident insurance is up to each member.

Section 12 Business Year
The business year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Section 13 amendments to the statutes
Changes in the statutes may be decided by a General Assembly only with an absolute majority of all present and represented voters according to the attendance list.

Section 14 Dissolution of the Association
The dissolution of the association can only be decided in an Extraordinary General Meeting which has been convened especially for that purpose at least 30 days in advance, stating the proposed decision.

A two-thirds majority of present and voting members is required. A proxy is not allowed.

The Extraordinary General Meeting shall decide about the use of the association’s assets in case of liquidation. The distribution among the members is excluded.

Section 15 Coming into effect of the statutes
These statutes have been adopted at the founding meeting of 15 June 2013, and immediately put into effect . The first prolonged association year runs to 30 June 2014th.

Schocherswil, 15th June 2013

The president
Petra Gugler

The actuary
Sylvie Saxer